What seems like a simple thing may not be so.

This happened to me, and the whole process got so frustrating that I decided it warranted a post, so I could help you folks too.

For some reason, my Windows system got reset and I started experiencing erratic behavior whenever I typed, and I realized it was because my Dell Touchpad settings went back to the default (I normally disable the pad selection and the pad click).

But a search in Google gave me links that mentioned a Dell Touchpad tab in my mouse settings in the control panel (in windows 7)  and I had none.

I then went to c:\program files and located the Dell folder, which in my case was “DellTPad”. I ran the touchpad exe, which for me was DellTPad.exe,  and it started the touchpad settings application, and I was able to set my settings again.

I run Windows 7 on a Latitude e6510, but this method of mine should work on many Windows versions and on many Dell computer models.

To repeat…

You can first go to Control panel >Mouse.

If that has no Dell Touchpad tab, then go to File Explorer, and navigate to C:\Program Files\DellTPad. once there, run delltpad.exe and set your settings for the touchpad.