You can reach me at: work “at”

I am a software architect/engineer and have worked at start-ups, big corporations and agencies/consulting jobs, including Microsoft and Razorfish.
I have worked on delivering multi-million dollar projects and am familiar with Healthcare, Information Architecture, Interface Design, Search engine optimization/digital marketing, and back-end integration work with Enterprise systems and databases.

In the past I have worked for dot-coms that involved a lot of co-branding, online applications and have done a lot of framework/infrastructure work. Unfortunately, our apps were a little ahead of their time and people were not comfortable to even enter their personal information online let alone using apps to do their daily work. Thankfully, that has changed!

I have a passion for engineering and technology and like to follow formal design techniques whenever possible. I love to share my thoughts and ideas and be part of a developer community where we help each other.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


2 Responses to “About me!”

  1. Patrick Bureau Says:

    Good day

    i was reading your blog searching for a solution for a TFS migration of a big folder. I have the exact same problem that you had when you tried migrating a VSS database into chunks.

    Migrating the different subfolders works well, but the root files do not get migrated. I tried your solution, which was to copy the folder in VSS and remove the subfolders, then in the .xml file, to set to the same destination..

    However, VSSConverter gives me this exact error when I try to convert after doing this:

    TF60099: Given folder mappings do not match with last migrated mappings. Followiung was the original mapping please use this only for incremental migration. (some path information)

    I guess migration should NOT be incremental, but, i’m getting lost and lost.

    any help would be incredibly appreciated !!

    thank you
    Patrick Bureau

  2. Abdul Hameed Says:


    We have a Enterprise .net Architect position in Columbia, Maryland for a 6+months.

    Key skills: Experience working as a Enterprise .net Architect
    Knowledge of Web-based application development, including frameworks (e.g., asp), techniques, languages (e.g., .net)
    Experience development.

    If interested, forward your resume to and you can reach me at 510-995-7159.

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