Most companies have moved their servers in the cloud, as in cloud services provided a platform which included a server, redundancy, many geo-locations, backup, etc.


Thus, a company preferred to use cloud servers than maintain their own servers.

This posed a security risk and initially, many companies did not want to run their software on somebody else’s server.

But actually, the cloud servers were more secure than the company’s own servers.

This was a much cheaper option for companies, since the cloud servers were much faster, had redundancy, were more secure, had multiple locations, etc.

This eliminated the jobs of network specialists (on the operations side).

A new job was created called devops (which was a developer deploying and managing the cloud).

Ultimately, anyway, a developer was responsible for the application, so it makes sense that a developer manage a deployed application.

There was the issue of a developer doing something wrong purposely on the app website, but then this risk earlier was the operations personnel going rogue.

It is much better to make a developer responsible for an application all the way.