Sorry for the hiatus in writing but it’s been hard to keep up with the developments going on in the Microsoft dev world let alone write about them.
Recently at Mix, Ray Ozzie unveiled the vision for the next generation of Microsoft products and Scott Guthrie talked about the newer dev tools. The keynote speech is here:
I really wonder how Scott can do all the work and exceptional blogging that he does.

What’s exciting from a developer’s standpoint is that Silverlight is becoming more and more ubiquitous (being installed on the new Nokia devices and also on the the website and the Hard Rock cafe application) and also it’s development is nicely integrated into Visual Studio so it’s easier for developers to target multiple platforms with rich applications.
The ASP.NET 3.5 extensions bring a whole lot of interesting possibilities to the table with the MVC framework, REST support and LINQ and ORM tools.

Also, the IE8 beta is out. I installed it and see that the Activities seems to be quite a productivity enhancer. also, the increase in CSS support is a good thing. The whole AJAX “back” support is pretty fascinating too.

On a side note, I was in a presentation recently where a number of co-workers talked about a Ruby on Rails workshop they attended and it was clear that ROR might be good to rapidly develop an application that does simple CRUD operations but try to go beyond that and it’s quite limiting. The attendees said that they would not use ROR since they don’t see the value of learning it for such limited use. Also, the new ASP.NET extensions provides a lot of the Rails functionality so I don’t see any reason to not use .NET unless you dislike using Microsoft technology.