Deviating from geek-talk, I just wanted to share my thoughts and experience on the big transitions a company sometimes goes through…

So, the company I work for has gone through tremendous changes in the past 3 odd months. The executive team has changed, there has been some attrition and I see big changes in organizational structures.

In terms of positions, the CEO, CIO, CMO are new (whoa!). My manager, who joined as Director a few months ago, is now a VP and some other groups lost their Directors over the past 6 months. I have seen a lot of co-workers, I was close to, quit recently and the revenue forecast has been tuned down significantly.
I’m sure all these changes could be startling for people who have always been in a stable company environment, but fortunately (or unfortunately?) I have gone through this before and can see beyond the dust without panicking. At the end of the day, this is catharitic for a company and may be a good thing if managed well (that is the key!). After growing from a mom-and-pop shop into a corporation making 180 Million odd, a company like this tends to have people in high positions because of their seniority rather than their skills and experience, not to mention the fact that this is a Healthcare company. This bogs things down and leads to inefficient use of resources. There are many instances of us undertaking projects which managers had no clue about the technicality involved and so ended up hiring consultants and paying through the nose when it all could have been avoided. Even now, I cringe at some of the infrastructure projects in progress, but with my manager and the new CIO, I can see things changing for the better. Also, now I feel that I am in a position to really use my skill-set and experience and go beyond just designing apps to effecting processes and technical know-how to make a difference to the bottomline. I would like to be somewhat of a technical visionary and research and recommend how technology can be applied across the entire company to improve the business and worker efficiency. I can see that there could be a distant possibility for me to do so and that makes me happy. I am also now part of the newly-formed Exployee Experience Improvement Committee in the IT organization to help boost employee moral. Let’s see how that goes. It is nice to have a direct dialog with the CIO and make him see that I bring a lot to the table.

This is a turning point in my job in terms of opening up possibilities for the future. I’d like to see my role and responsibility change in 3 months and have a clear career path.